Mutual Commercial

"Eyes are good lots of things, like reading!"

I have now started doing commercials which I'm loving! Huge thanks to DDO Artists my commercial agents who are crushing it. This spot is my third commercial and my first one to air live on National Television. Look out for more in the future on Youtube, Instagram, and TV!  

Something Rotten!
Le Petit

One more time for Nick Bottom!

Went down to New Orleans to do Something Rotten! in Jefferson Square at the Le Petit Theatre. It was so amazing to spend time in such a vibrant city and to re-visit Nick Bottom. It's amazing how much better you can become a character after spending a year with them and having a little break. The show was wonderful and a crowd favorite... too bad it didn't run during Mardi Gras. 


Something Rotten!
National Tour

" There's Nothing as Amazing as a Musical"

The second National tour of Something Rotten! and my third national Tour! Leading the show as Nick Bottom, a down on his luck theatre own willing to do anything to support his family and out shine his rival Shakespeare, was the greatest acting adventure. Touring from 2018-2019 across North America and ending in Seoul South Korea! Such an Amazing show and got to work with writers and the original Producers. 

Cabaret National Tour

"Even The Orchestra is beautiful!"

My second national tour! I played Maxx the club owner and I played saxophone on stage for the entire show. Such a beautiful show and my first actor musician show. Such a bond is formed when you are supporting a production not only as an actor but as the supporting music. Getting familiar with my sax so the ultimate treat!